10 Amazing Ludo Hacks to Win Every Game

Ludo is an entertaining and skilful game; hence winning may require some well-thought-out tips. Did you know there are over 30 million Ludo players in India alone? That is a lot of competition. 

Gaming can be more than just a hobby – it can also be a source of income. Ludo is the best money earning game that offer exciting gameplay and the potential to make some serious cash. With these ten amazing Ludo hacks, you will improve your playing strategy and become a champion at any Ludo game online. 

Ensure you use your safe boxes, know your opponent and practice patience. Ready to learn more? Let’s dive into these hacks to win Ludo.

  • Never Underestimate Your Opponent

In Ludo, your opponent is your enemy, while the game is your battlefield. If you are playing to win cash online, it will only happen if your opponent loses. Therefore, you must be ruthless when cutting the opponent’s tokens. Remember, the more you cut, the more you increase your chances of winning.

  • Make Use of Your Safe Boxes.

There are safe boxes in the online Ludo games. Each player starts a game from the safe box. In a Ludo game, the safe boxes are your best friends. One of the game rules is that when a token is in the safe box, an opponent can’t cut it. Therefore, use the safe box when on an opponent’s turf.

  • Play with All Tokens

Online Ludo is different from the traditional one as all tokens are open. You can use these tokens to your advantage to defeat your opponent. Remember that your opponent has more chances of cutting your tokens if they are in the same place. Spread them strategically all over the board for more winning opportunities.

  • Know Your Opponent

You must know who you are playing against. Online Ludo is fantastic, as learning more about a player is more straightforward than traditional Ludo. Click on your opponent’s profile and see the number of wins and losses they have. This helps you strategise better.

  • Remember the Positions of Your Tokens

As a Ludo player, you must stay alert and know where your tokens are. This is vital as you will know which move to take when you get a number that will help defeat your opponent. Also, being alert means you won’t miss a chance to cut your opponent’s token.

  • Decide on Your Game Strategy

Different Ludo players have different strategies. Others like to win without capturing their opponent’s tokens, while some want to take it all. Before each game, you must decide on your game strategy. However, remember that you also need to have fun while playing; capturing and being captured is a thrill.

  • Have Patience

It’s easier said than done, especially when you enjoy the game. However, patience is essential in every game. Even when the game favours you, you must think and react calmly and never overreact to a winning position. You may make the wrong moves that will get your token back to base.

  • Understand the Rules of Rolling the Dice

This is essential to remember even when playing on a downloaded Ludo app. There are three situations in which a player must roll the dice immediately after a previous roll. These include:

  • scoring a six
  • you sent an opponent back to base,
  • You brought a token to the last square at the board centre.

You will be at an advantage over your opponent when you understand these rules. Therefore, use this opportunity carefully and strategically.

  • Be Brave and Take Risks

Let’s say your opponent has a piece close to the finish line; what can you do? Take a risk and try knocking them out back to base. Doing this might set back your opponent and enable you to catch up. That’s why you must learn all the game strategies you can use.

  • The Rule of 7

Since this is a game that you intend to win, you must always think ahead of your opponent. The rule of 7 is crucial at this stage. It’s very disappointing if an opponent’s token lands on you as soon as you make a move on the board. Since the highest roll is six, staying seven steps ahead increases your chances of survival.

Whether a beginner or an expert in Ludo, these tips will set you apart from your opponents. Remember the position of your tokens, and never underestimate your opponent. With practice, you will become a master of the Ludo game. Register for an online Ludo game today.

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