A healthy lifestyle at work

Suppose you’re seeking an optimistic outlook on life, eating healthier foods, needing new exercise routines, or trying to shed weight. In that case, The Complete Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle offers a variety of ways to live a more healthy and happy life.

The quest for a balanced life at work and a healthy lifestyle is a futile objective. But for most of us, it’s the time and effort you put into your efforts that could be the difference between a successful working and health balance you’re struggling with.

As a marketing assistant at OrthoIndy, I was not ready to live a sedentary life as far as I would like to. As a student at college, over the last few years, I’ve been able to take a stroll or run through campus at any point throughout the day. Aside from class, I was fortunate enough to exercise in the gym and prepare my meals at any time during my day. At OrthoIndy, I was being more sedentary at my desk. I knew I had to figure out a way to become healthier. I decided to inquire with workers what their methods are to be fit and healthy in the workplace. My coworkers were able to offer numerous suggestions.


Moderation is an important factor to consider when deciding the amount you take. If you snack on the entire bag of chips daily, you probably will not shed weight. If you do have an occasional handful of chips in a few places and there, you’ll be okay. It is best to prepare your lunch for work and ensure you eat a balanced amount of fats, fruits, vegetables, and carbohydrates. For instance, I prepare my lunches in plastic measuring cups I purchased online to help me balance my food portions.

Moderation is essential in deciding what to consume and which you should drink. Consider this before drinking your daily cup of coffee. Be careful with the caffeine in the morning or at work. It can cause you to feel more energetic initially; however, the fatigue you typically experience later causes you to think, “Was the coffee even worth it?” But water is something you should drink. The intake of water is crucial to move the nutrients through your system. It also helps to digest food faster.

Moderation is also important to be considered, even when it comes to breakfast. It is best to keep breakfast at 200-300 calories. Try not to eat a meal at the beginning of the day. If you eat breakfast, you’re helping your metabolism get an early start in burning calories and the ones you’ll later consume. If you choose to skip the breakfast meal, it will begin to burn fat instead of calories as you are not fueling your body by taking any. For instance, I put one teaspoon of peanut butter on the whole grain waffle and then eat it just before going to work.

A former OrthoIndy Nutritionist, Jessica Regan, spoke about the importance of snacking in small amounts. “I always bring small snacks to work filled with good nutrients and proteins to keep me full throughout my day,” explained Jessica. “They give me energy during that afternoon slump, satisfy my sweet tooth, and prevent me from overindulging in those not-so-healthy treats.”

OrthoIndy Graphic Design employee Jenny Alvaro commutes over an hour to work. But, she’ll always take the time to prepare your meals in her home rather than going to a fast food restaurant. “This way takes longer, but it is worth it in the long run for a healthy meal,” Jenny said. Jenny.

Mental Health

Furthermore, your mental well-being is just as important as what you consume. OrthoIndy Marketing Manager Chelsea Tuttle shares how to inspire yourself at work. “In an email folder, I’ve stored compliments and kudos people have sent me, as well as handwritten notes,” Chelsea explained. “When I have a hard day or need encouragement, I’ll read through them.”

Ultimately, many people overlook the importance of exposing themselves to the sun. The sun is the greatest way to get vitamin D. It will increase your level of happiness. But, you must be careful about the amount of sun exposure as it’s a major source of skin cancer; therefore, don’t forget to wear sunscreen healthy.


If you’re easily distracted at work, consider setting an alarm that reminds you to take a break at your workstation. If you’re constantly seated, this additional reminder could encourage you to take an easy walk twice or thrice daily and gain a few extra steps. It is a vital element of any person’s daily routine. Make the most of the weather in the lunch hour, walk, or enjoy a meal with a companion outdoors.

OrthoIndy Graphic designer senior Jackie Bilskie spoke about ensuring her family is well after work hours. “I try to take my kids and dog on nightly walks or go to the pool in the summer for at least an hour or two a couple times a week,” Jackie stated. “It’s not a hard workout, but it keeps me active after a long day sitting at my desk.”

Another excellent way to balance your work and fitness is to work out before work. OrthoIndy PR specialist Megan Golden likes to take sessions with her twin sister in the local gym early in the morning before heading out to work. It’s a fantastic opportunity to get moving early and feel refreshed for the day.

“Sometimes it’s hard to get up in the morning, but having a workout buddy helps,” said Megan. “Plus, I always feel happier and more motivated to get things done at work.”

Ultimately, it’s vital to ensure you balance your job and your health. “Balancing the two can be very difficult, but using our helpful tips should make it a bit easier,” Jessica said. Jessica.

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