Adderall Addiction, Effects, and Withdrawal

Prescription stimulants like Adderall can be beneficial when used. However, they pose an extremely high risk of misuse and may cause undesirable adverse effects and consequences.1 In 2021 the number of prescription medications will reach 73.4 million prescription drugs that are available across the United States, reflecting a 45 percent increase from 2012.2

We’ll take a look at the side effects that come from Adderall and the reason it’s being prescribed in the first place. This is in addition to the negative side effects of Adderall such as dependence and side effects as well as withdrawal-related signs. In addition, we will discuss the best methods to seek treatment if you’re experiencing dependence on prescribed stimulants.

What Is Adderall and What Is It Used For?

Adderall can be described as a stimulant which is a prescribed drug which has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat ADHD.1 It is believed that Buy Adderall Online affects norepinephrine as well as dopamine functions through the enhancement of neurotransmitters (chemical messengers in the brain) which aid in treating symptoms of ADHD.

Although Adderall can be beneficial for some, when taken in compliance with the prescribed dosage and the proper motives, it is a prescription medication that has significant risk of addiction and dependence.

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About 3.7 million people who were 12 or more were able to disclose misuse of prescription stimulants in 2021, as per the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).3 It’s estimated that 773,000 individuals took prescribed stimulants for the first time during that year.3

Adderall use is common among adolescents and young adults due to the fact that it is often utilized as an aid in learning and improve school performance.4 This could result from the belief that stimulants prescribed by a doctor can improve cognitive performance among people who do not have ADHD.4 For adolescents aged 19-22 in the college setting, 4.3% reported past-year non-medical use of Adderall (compared to 2.2 percent of teenagers who are not enrolled in college).5 Adults who are over 65 may use prescription stimulants believing that they will improve memory.

Someone dependent on prescription stimulants. The person:

Utilize prescription stimulants that aren’t marketed to them.

More than the recommended.

Uses prescription stimulants to get the high it creates.

Modifies the shape and form of stimulant medications in a different manner as prescribed (for example, crushed tablets intended to be taken orally, as well as breathing them into your nose).

The continuous use of Adderall could lead to the formation in Adderall dependence, also known as an addiction to stimulants disorder.6 This is known as a chronic disorder that manifests itself in constant use of drugs despite negative consequences.

Adderall Effects

The usage of Adderall can cause the beginning of a myriad of negative effects. The severity and duration of these side effects is typically dependent on other factors, like the frequency and amount of usage. The most frequent side-effects that could be attributable to the usage of amphetamine-based prescription medicines such as Adderall could be: 

Heart rate rises.

A rise in the incidence of respiratory.

A high blood pressure.






In certain instances, the usage of Adderall may lead to formation of psychosis. There are a variety of signs of brain injury could lead to the loss of consciousness of reality.1,8

Other Health Risks of Adderall Addiction

Adderall can be dangerous and can cause life-threatening health problems. A few negative outcomes that can occur as a result of Adderall usage include:

Heart-related issues. Heart problems that cause severe damage could result in sudden deaths of those who have experienced heart problems. Arrhythmias and hypertension or hypotension, as well as falling of the circulatory system is likely to occur.

Overdose. Intoxication with Adderall can cause more consumption than your body requires and could lead to death. The symptoms of Adderall overdose could include hallucinations, excessive sweating and tremors, as well as confusion and anxiety.

Suicidal/homicidal ideations. Suicidal thoughts may arise due to the continuous Adderall usage and may be coupled with thoughts of wishing, ideas and thoughts about the possibility of self-harming or suicide.1,9 Homicidal thoughts may occur and include thinking about or contemplating killing some people.

Adderall Withdrawal

Addiction to Buying Adderall Online can lead to physical dependence. This means that withdrawal symptoms could be felt after the dosage has been stopped and/or reduced. These withdrawal signs caused by a dependence on Adderall differ in intensity and are dependent on the specific conditions of each individual including the quantity of Adderall consumed as well as the amount of time.

Although no one is suffering from the same set of Adderall withdrawal symptoms, the most commonly discussed are:


Feelings of fear.

The vivid nightmares are terrifying.

An increase in appetite.

Retardation or psychomotor agitation.

The use of stimulants can help treat Attention deficit disorder (ADHD) in addition to Narcolepsy. They are highly efficient in treating these two conditions. But, many people misuse stimulant drugs for different reasons, causing them to develop addiction.

As per the National Institute on Drug Abuse, “2.1% (or 5 million) used prescription stimulants in an incident at the very least at least once. 

There are a variety of stimulant medicines; however the most popular is Adderall as well as Ritalin. While both drugs share certain similarities, they also possess distinct features that you have to know about. If you’re using these medicines to treat ADHD or using their benefits for a variety of reasons, it’s crucial to learn the fundamentals of both medications.

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