Arthur Liangfei Tan- Who is he and What services does he offer?

Arthur Liangfei Tan- Who is he and What services does he offer?

Sun Law Professional Corporation, a firm owned and operated by Arthur Liangfei Tan is one of the most popular law firms in the GTA- Greater Toronto Area. He has been practising law for over a decade. As a lawyer, Arthur has worked successfully in making critical cases and different practising areas. He offers a range of services or practice areas such as: 

Immigration: Complicated Immigration process, deportation, rejection, and removal of immigrants in a country, and more. If you are facing one of these familiar situations, you can opt for these services from Arthur Liangfei Tan

Real estate: He also practises and offers legal advice, services to protect and manage real estate. 

Corporate laws: He also understands and practises corporate laws. The lawyer can help corporations or commercial businesses with different requirements, legal compliance, advice, and more. 

Nortrazization: Arthur L. Tan can notarize your documents with authority. Anyone looking to notarize any type of document can take help from him. There are many documents that require the authorization of a notary and its signatures. 

In addition, he covers all commercial law practices, immigration, wills & estate practices. Working under Sun Law Corporation, Arthur L. Tan has offered a range of legal services and advice. Anyone from GTA can contact you for various legal issues and find a reliable solution. 


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