Know the Astrological Significance of the Red Coral

Gemstones are an important part of the world of astrological sciences as each gemstone has cosmic energies linked with astrological planets. There are nine most powerful gemstones found on earth one of which is the Red Coral. Also known as Moonga, red coral is one of the most powerful, expensive, and rare stones in the world. With its red solid color and brighter shades it is found it, this gemstone is a treasure trove of beauty, potential, and influence.

The red coral stone is found in the depths of the sea and has been made of a marine creature called coral polyps for years. So, the belief is that this stone contains its unique properties and has mystical symbolism. As per astrological experts, the red coral gemstone properties can heal a person whether it is physical, emotional or spiritual.

In this article, we will learn all about the energetic transformative Moonga stone and the significance it holds.

Astrological Significance of the Red Coral Gemstone

Instead of being mined from the land like almost all the other gemstones, this stone is a rare one as it is found in the depths of the sea. Even this stone is actually formed from the skeletons of the marine creatures. The calcified skeleton of the coral polyps forms over thousands of years into red coral and so the hardness of the red coral is not much.

In astrology, the red coral gemstone is associated with Mars. Mars, the red planet is known for its fierceness and the negative effect of this planet can cause aggressiveness and frustration in the person.

Anyone who has the adverse effects of the Mars in their Kundli is advised to wear the red coral to remove these effects. The Mars causes the Mangal Dosh as well which will cause problems and bring harm to the wearer, it can cause troubles in marriage. To remove Mangal Dosh, Vedic pooja is done and red coral is advised to wear under the best time and conditions.

Wearing an original red coral gemstone will remove the Mangal Dosh and bring passion, positivity, and protection to the wearer. Because of these qualities of the gemstone, the red coral is said to be a protection talisman from harm and negative energies of all types whether it is evil spirits, manipulation, or any other emotional trauma.

Also, this stone is very beneficial for people born under the zodiac signs Aries and Scorpio as per the experts. It will increase their natural leadership qualities and bring them determination, passion, and courage. Know here in detail Why Moonga Gemstone Suits Aries And Scorpio Zodiac Signs.

Due to its astrological significance, there are many benefits that this stone is said to provide to its wearer which we will discuss in the next section.

Benefits of the Red Coral Gemstone

The red coral gemstone will transform your life if you wear it with proper consultation and by following the proper Vedic pooja ritual. The many benefits of wearing the red coral stone are as follows:

  • It will shield you from infections and diseases physically.

  • Strengthening your immune system, it will keep you healthy.

  • The stone will regulate your circulatory system better and the blood circulation as well. The toxic substances in your blood will be removed and the blood flow will be better.

  • Also, the stone’s energy will maintain your cardiovascular health.

  • Any skin issues like acne and rashes will be healed.

  • Natural red coral gemstones also have the ability to psychologically heal a person. The stone helps in providing relief. It will give you peace and calmness and will help you overcome any mental issues or emotional traumas. Reducing anxieties, depression, or any stress, the stone will heal your turmoils.

  • The energy flow of the stone will increase your self-confidence and self-belief.

  • The stone will also give you the determination and courage to face your fears.


The red coral gemstone has a rich history and since the beginning of times, this stone has been worn by people from many cultures because of its physical and metaphysical properties.

This enchanting stone also looks beautiful because of its bright red color. Hence it is worn in the form of jewelry like a pendant, bracelet, or ring.

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