Bajaj Pulsar 220F: Why its still popular among people?

Summary – Why do Indians prefer buying the Pulsar 220 F when there are many other better options? Read on to learn the answer.

Bajaj Auto has been a leading name in the motorcycle industry. The brand repeatedly comes up with experimental products, designs and technologies. One such ambitious project for the indigenous bike brand was Pulsar 220 F. Regarding positioning, the bike is meant for young and middle-aged riders. It falls under the semi-faired streetfighter category. It is a fantastic choice for daily commutes as well as a long ride. The semi-fairing on the bike offers quite a lot of aerodynamic assistance on the highways.

All these characteristics make this bike a popular choice among Indian riders. Other than these, we will discuss a few more features further in detail.

A phenomenal engine and just the right set of ‘period correct’ features

The Pulsar 220 F is powered by a single-cylinder engine. The engine is paired with a liquid cooling system. It is compatible with BS-6 norms and comes with Bajaj’s DTS-i and ExhausTec technologies. Furthermore, the engine also gets help from a heavily refined fuel injection system. The brand has revised it over the years to make it currently produce 21bhp of peak power. On the other hand, the peak torque output is currently limited to a peak of 19Nm. The engine is married to a smooth-shifting five-speed gearbox. The tall gear ratios help the powerful 220 CC engine to deliver its entire power band to the rear wheel. The power delivery is linear, and the transmission boasts a wet multi-plate clutch as well.

The list of ‘period correct’ features of the Pulsar 220 F is as follows:

  •   The bike’s front wheel is paired with a traditional telescopic fork suspension.
  •   The bike’s rear wheel is paired with two spring-over damper shock absorbers. Each of the two shock absorbers has reservoirs for extra gas/liquid. They offer additional dampening to the rear wheel.
  •   The bike comes with a single disc brake for the front wheel. The rear wheel also comes equipped with a single disc brake. The bike also sports single-channel ABS.
  •  The bike rides on 17-inch wheels. The front wheel is wrapped in a 90/90 profile tyre. The rear wheel is wrapped in a 120/80 profile tyre.
  •  The bike comes with contoured and well-padded split seats installed in a step-up fashion.

An aggressive price that beats rival bikes

The Pulsar 220 F is currently offered in India with an average ex-showroom price of Rs 1, 38,157. If you need monetary assistance, bike loans can be helpful. Renowned lenders offer minimum to zero down payment for bike loans

Design and handling that has refined over the decades

The overall design of the bike is hunky. The projector headlamp still comes with two integrated pilot lamps. The bike rides on wide profile tyres at the bike’s extreme edges. The bike’s sleek tail end also helps people distinguish this motorcycle from a distance.

The chassis of the 220 F is derived from the Pulsar 150. The rear swingarm and the suspension settings of the bike have been tweaked. This allowed them to become compatible with the heavy 220 CC engine and the bike’s long wheelbase.

A bike with rider-friendly ergonomics

Bajaj not only makes durable and fuel-efficient bikes, it also makes powerful and rider-friendly motorcycles. The same formula applies to the Pulsar 220 F. The riding triangle of the bike keeps the rider in a tucked yet comfortable stance. The rider would never need to bend their spine too much. Nor would they need to stretch their arms too much to reach the handlebar. In simple words, on both city commutes and long trips, the Pulsar 220 F is pretty comfortable.

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How did the Pulsar 220 F become a legend and attain cult status in India?

The Pulsar 220 F was labelled the fastest India-made motorcycle when introduced in India. It still has a strong fan base in the country. The primary reason is the bike’s legendary status among bikers from the early to the late 2000s.

Also, the long wheelbase of the 220 F makes it pretty spacious for a semi-faired street bike. On the other hand, the chassis is designed to make this motorcycle more comfortable. But the ultimate reason that makes this bike outstand others is its engine. It offers best-in-class mileage, power and torque.

If you are a rider who loves the thrill and wants a bike that can fulfil daily requirements, too, go for Pulsar 220F. Regarding the cost, you can easily get financial help by paying the minimum down payment for bike loans.

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