Different Types Of Massages To Try This Year

Despite the fact that there are many massages available on the internet, traditional massage therapy involves a professional stroking your body with their hands in order to relax the muscles and tissues. One could potentially feel better physically, intellectually, and emotionally by getting a massage. All a person has to do is find the type and provider which is ideal for them just by typing a therapeutic massage therapist near me on the web or by experimenting with different massage styles and massage therapists.

Swedish massage

The ideal massage for a novice person, someone who just wants to experience may simply get this massage done without worrying because it is the most calming and delightful massage. It can be adjusted to their specific needs. Additionally Swedish massage is useful for reducing anxiety. The Mood and Anxiety Disorders Program at Emory University has validated this massage.

Time – 60-90 minutes

Method used-  mild joint movement techniques,flowing strokes toward the heart, deep circular motions, pressing or pounding.

Aroma therapy

The finest sort of massage for people who romanticise their lives and prefer sweet scents like Roman chamomile, geranium, lavender, tea tree, lemon, ginger, cedarwood, and bergamot will like aromatherapy massage. This type of massage is especially well-suited for those who appreciate a calm environment. Also, this can be customised depending on our preferences, this massage involves a variety of essential oils. These oils are diluted before getting in contact with our skin.

While receiving a massage, one can breathe in calming oils. This massage concentrates more on our head, shoulders, and back.

Time- 60-90 minutes

Method use- Stretching is included, along with little pressure, to promote relaxation throughout the entire body.

Thai massage

Thai massage will give you electrifying energy levels, flexibility, and a sigh of relief from your stress if you’ve been searching for a remedy for your chronic pain. It will also fill your tissues with oxygen because it improves blood circulation throughout the body.

Time-60-90 mins

Method use- Yoga like stretching, therapists will use their palms and figures to create pressure.

Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu massage is a Japanese-style massage that enhances mental and physical stability and significantly improves sleep patterns, which are directly related to a healthier way of life. The benefit of this massage is that the therapist will concentrate on the entire body as well as give special attention to any areas of the body where a person may be experiencing tension or pain. Furthermore, since this massage doesn’t use any oil or cream, it is more akin to a yoga session where we can unwind without worrying about the oil.

Time – 60-90 minutes

Method use- The massage therapist will use their hands, palms, and thumbs to massage particular areas of your body.It makes use of pulsating or rhythmic pressure.

Pregnancy massage

Similar to a Swedish massage, this massage promotes deep relaxation and releases endorphins, which calm the expectant mother and help her feel good by reducing her stress levels. By applying mild pressure, this massage also helps to treat any stiffness in other areas of the body as well as pain in the expectant mother’s calves.

Time – 45-60 minutes

Method use- Here the therapist asks the expectant mother how she would like the massage based on personal preference.

Compression massage

This massage is ideal for people who are on their feet or who sit and work as the body becomes rigid and this massage helps with all of that. It originates from a bygone era when inflammation was treated with the help of warmth. This therapy is all about using controlled pressure to increase blood flow as well as help with swelling.

Time- 45-60 minutes

Method used- Mix movement and compression therapy

Trigger point massage

It is specifically for those with injuries, chronic pain, or a particular problem or condition in that trigger point massage is used. While performing this massage, the therapist will watch to see that the injury is being relieved and that the individual receiving it is not having any difficulties during the therapy.

Time- 60-90 minutes

Method used- In order to reduce stress, trigger point massage applies varying pressure levels to the affected area.

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