Everything We Know About The New Honda Super Cub 110

Everything We Know About The New Honda Super Cub 110

Honda has returned with another iteration of the Super Cub 110 to be launched in

Honda has returned with another iteration of the Super Cub 110 to be launched in March 2022. The exact details have remained mostly unknown until the unveiling, but a few facts are known. The 38th Annual Osaka Motorcycle Show started on March 19, and more details will be revealed soon. For now, it’s known that it will still keep the same Super Cub styling, take a lot of cues from the Super Cub 125, and feature a more modern and refined appearance for 2022.

Beyond that information, everything else is just theories and speculation, though Honda does plan to make the bike’s official debut before the Motorcycle show ends. While Honda has other models, such as the Rebel and Africa Twin, the Super Cub remains a favorite, having a record number of units produced and saving the Honda brand in America.

Read on to find out more details about the new Honda Super Cub 110, its history, and possible design schematics.

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Honda Super Cub 110: Classic, Yet Updated

Red and White Honda Super Cub 110, side view
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The design for the newest iteration of the 110 bears homage to all the models that came before it while also demonstrating current features and a revised design. When the 38th Annual Osaka Motorcycle Show started on March 19, 2022, Honda knew that they’d be unveiling the newest iteration of the Honda Super Cub 110 during the event. Also debuting at that event is the 2023 Honda ST125 Dax. However, while Honda has unleashed a plethora of information about the 2023 Honda ST125 Dax, it has taken the opposite strategy regarding the new Honda Super Cub 110. That said, at least a few details are known at this point.

The traditional “Super Cub” styling will remain in its simple and classic glory, albeit upgraded and refined to be more updated and modern. Further, the color scheme is yellow and cream, complete with a black rear rack, brown saddle, and matte cast alloy wheels. A new clock display will also be featured on the meter, and ABS and a disc front brake are now standard features. A new engine will also be featured, but Honda has not said which engine it will be, nor are its characteristics known, other than it’s designed for maximizing efficiency with both torque and fuel economy.

Tubeless tires are a new feature, making their debut on the 110 here. The new Super Cub 110 also meets level 7 emission standards, passing all the tests necessary to achieve that requirement. Honda has also noted that the overall appearance will be a level up in class from the junior Honda Wave Alpha, and this new Super Cub 110 is part of a series of new motorcycle models Honda plans to debut for 2022. However, before this bike makes its way to the States, it will be first sold exclusively in Japan.

Honda Super Cub 110: Similar In Design To 125

Yellow and White Honda Super Cub 110
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The Super Cub 125 is where a lot of the design cues for this new 110 were borrowed. The new 125 was unveiled last summer after first being teased at the 2021 Bangkok Motor Show. A lot of the design was copied and pasted. That said, while the 125 had a more black and red color scheme, the new 110 opted for the aforementioned yellow and cream combo.

Ironically, in a more full-circle move, the 125’s redesigned crankcases came from an earlier iteration of 110 in the Japanese market. The top end, however, came from a redesigned Honda Grom. The visual appearance of the exhaust carries over from previous bikes. For the most part, the 110 uses the digital display featured in the 125. And, of course, the new 110 has tubeless tires as the 125 does.

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Honda Super Cub 110: Extensive Japan-Exclusive Redesign In 2018

Black and Red Honda Super Cub 110, side view
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The 2018 model year was an anniversary for the Super Cub, so Honda released an anniversary edition with an extensive redesign. Sadly, the release was exclusive to Japan. According to Cycle World, the Honda Super Cub is the most-produced motor vehicle in history, having surpassed the 100-million unit mark in 2017. The Honda Super Cub began production in 1958, making 2018 its 60th anniversary.

The Super Cub’s marketing campaign of “You Meet the Nicest People on a Honda” was successful in both revitalizing the brand and making motorcycling idealized in America. Both the Super Cub 50 and Super Cub 110 received technical updates and fresh styling for the commemorative model. That said, the engine went largely unchanged, with a few exceptions designed to reduce friction. LED lighting was introduced for both the round headlight and indicators to increase the bikes’ longevity.

Commuter and professional versions of the commemorative model are available, but they only were available in Japan, where they’re also manufactured. It helps that the Super Cub 110 commemorative model was made specifically to be featured at the 45th Tokyo Motor Show, in celebration of the bike’s 60th anniversary and reaching 100 million units produced worldwide.

Evolving Steadily Since 1958

Red and Black Honda Super Cub 110 against black brick wall
via Motorcycle News

The Super Cub began production in 1958 and has endured the test of time by successfully continuing production in one form or another. It now has more than a dozen factories worldwide in more than a dozen countries making some variant of Super Cub. Honda has taken several steps to keep the aesthetic design fresh and all the parts modern, updated, and functional to keep the Super Cub looking favorable in the public eye.

Soichiro Honda, the company’s founder and president, led the development team personally, aiming to design a bike that would be both easy to control and very compact. It has been a consistent goal to keep the Super Cub durable and performing admirably, which accounts for its persisting popularity.

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