Everything you need to know about PCOS in the form of causes, symptoms, and treatment

Nowadays, many women across the globe are suffering from a common as well as a very complex disorder, which is PCOS. This usually happens during the reproductive years due to the imbalance in the hormones and other social factors. So, if you are observing the presence of a small cyst on your ovaries or any other kind of unusual symptom in the form of excessive growth of hair, then definitely going for medical attention is the need of the hour in this case. You must definitely get in touch with the experts at the hospital for women in Gachibowli so that everything will be carried out with efficiency. The following are some of the very basic causes of PCOS:

  1. Genetics: If any of your family members has been suffering from PCOS, then you will be at a very high risk of developing it as well. So, getting regular checkups from an experienced and reliable gynaecologist is important so that addressing and managing the symptoms will be done very early.
  2. Hormonal imbalance: One of the major factors leading to PCOS is the changes in hormonal levels. If you have very high levels of hormones, then the normal functioning of the ovaries will be disrupted, which could lead to the development of PCOS.
  3. Lifestyle factors: If you are also focusing on an unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, and ultimately getting involved in a lot of stress, then you will be at a very high risk of developing the problem of PCOS. Ultimately, to ensure safety and overall well-being, it is definitely important for people to focus on a nutritious diet.

Following are some of the common symptoms associated with PCOS: 

As per the experts at the Women & Child Care Centre in gachibowli, women are consistently experiencing the symptoms of PCOS during their first menstrual period. In some situations, the development of the symptom will occur later on once there is a missing of the menstrual cycle. So, some of the common symptoms associated with women have been explained as:

  1. Irregular or absent period: If the ladies are experiencing missing a regular period, then it is definitely not a point to be ignored and ultimately getting in touch with the doctors for medical attention is important in this case.
  2. Excessive body and facial hair: Whenever there is an imbalance in the hormones, then women will be producing more of the male hormones like testosterone, which will lead to body changes in the form of excessive facial and hair growth along with other associated options.
  3. Weight gain: Many patients who are suffering from the problem of PCOS will also be able to witness a significant gain in weight and ultimately will find it very challenging to reduce it. So, insulin resistance in this particular case will be highly contributing to the weight management difficulties, and ultimately, having a good command over things is important.
  4. Sleeping problems: If there are hormonal or metabolic changes during the PCOS, then definitely the ladies will be facing the problem of sleep trouble as well, which will lead to a lot of headaches as well as tiredness. So, it is definitely important for people to remain crystal clear about such issues to avoid any further issues.
  5. Pelvic pain: If the ladies are suffering from PCOS, then they will definitely be struggling with pelvic discomfort and pain as well, especially during the ovulation concept. So, it is definitely important for the ladies to remain aware of such things.
  6. Mood swings and fatigue: If ladies are consistently facing mood swings in the form of irritation, stress, anger, loneliness, and fatigue, which will make the body very weak, then definitely seeking medical attention is important in this case.

Following are some of the basic technicalities that you need to know about PCOS diagnosis and treatment: 

  1. Healthcare experts, in this particular case, will be perfectly listening to the concerns of the ladies, and ultimately, getting in touch with the best gynaecologist in Pune is important in such issues. Such experts will be doing the physical examination to check out the signs of acne, facial hair growth, or other associated things and after that, they will be consulting the individuals to carry on with some of the testing systems to diagnose the PCOS. 
  2. A blood test, in this particular case, will be perfect for checking out the hormone and cholesterol levels. Ultrasound will be there for checking and considering the appearance as well as the size of the ovaries, along with the presence of any kind of cyst. 
  3. Medication, in this particular case, will be based upon checking the reproductive organs to see if there are any major changes done or required in the whole process. The experts will definitely use the latest technology to diagnose health precisely and quickly, and with the help of accurate medical results, everybody will be able to proceed with things very well. 

Hence, you must focus on improving your overall well-being as soon as possible, and for this particular purpose, getting in touch with the best gynaecologist in Pune is the need of the hour so that everything will be carried out with efficiency. Such experts will definitely focus on the symptoms associated with PCOS very easily and will provide people with multiple health services, which will ultimately be based upon a combination of treatments if required. Compliance with the rules and regulations in this case will be very well sorted out without any issues and people will be able to ensure a very high level of safety of the patients. Hence, booking an appointment with the experts as soon as possible for immediate care and support is important so that everything will be carried out with support very easily, and further, the experts will be providing people with the best possible treatment as per their condition. With this, people can easily ensure safe and secure health conditions at all times.

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