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The complete step guide to Facebook video download Online

This is the easiest way to download videos from Facebook to Android and iOS. The tool we found is called Fdownloader. It was recently introduced as an online video downloader that can use on any smart device or desktop. However, Facebook Video Download is not just another media downloading tool for any platform. It is an exclusive offer for Facebook. And even it can only help you for saving video clips.

Although Fb has a media saving option, it cannot help you when the file you wish to save is not an image or photo. So, do not forget that we are going to clarify about Facebook Video Download, which is an special offer for people who need to download Fb videos.

Facebook Video Download using Fdownloader

This is how you can use Fdownloader and save clips to your smart handset. You can use iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or whatever Android device either. Do not worry, this is a simple and free media-saving tool. So, it won’t waste your money or time on no occasion. All you are asked to do is visit the Fb Video Downloader page and follow the instructions. There are only a few steps for Facebook Video Download.

The tool cannot download at the moment as a mobile app or desktop-based application. Their official web page is the only option to go through. But there is a plus point of categorizing this into an online option. Users do not have to worry about safety and device storage capacity for installing the app. And also, Facebook Video Download is not an application that ask users to sign up or register. Opening the page means it is ready to use. The URL of the video will help you to bring it offline.

What’s important?

There are a couple of important facts about Facebook Video Downloader for Free. The first thing that we all wish to hear is if it is a free or a premium supporter when we are getting ready to use a tool. Do not worry, it is absolutely free. Moreover, it does not have specific devices or operating systems that are recommended to use. So, it accepts Android, Blackberry, iOS, iPadOS, Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, or whatever OS running device.

And also, it can be Safari, Chrome, Opera, Google, or whatever web browser that is easy for you. The Fdownloader will help you to download TV series, movies, songs, funny, or whatever videos that Fb pages, groups, or people shared on their walls. However, Facebook Video Download is unlimited. Unlike some tools that limit your media downloads, this tool lets you save limitless files in whatever size. It is the URL that is the only thing you have to find out. The related file will be yours within a couple of minutes.

Step by step guide to Download Facebook Videos

Open your web browser and go to your Fb profile or you can simply open the app on your smartphone

  • Search the video topic you want or you can go to the video that you want to download if you have already decided on it
  • Open the options list of the video by tapping or clicking on the dots line on your top right corner of the post. Those who are using the Fb web version can copy the URL on the browser’s address bar if it is easy for them
  • Now keep the post aside and visit the Facebook Video Download tool
  • You will see the download bar and the button on the top of the tool page. So do not scroll down the page when you will capture it. Simply apply what you copied and click the button below
  • The process will begin and open the preview within the next few seconds
  • Below the preview, you will see the “Download SD Video” and “Other Formats” buttons. If you click the first, it will offer you the video you needed offline within a few seconds. But, if you select the second one, it will open a few options for you to select and download the file the way you want


Important facts to remember

When you are using the Facebook Video Download tool, do not forget that you should connect with a proper internet connection before anything else. And also, you can copy the URL of the video and submit it to download the file by clicking on its Download button.

Downloading files using Fdownload is easy. You do not have to follow special guidelines for that. And it is better to delete useless files and prepare enough space for saving new media. Otherwise, your device will reject them at the end of the process.

If accidentally the tool will not be able to download the file, you better reload the page and try again. And also, do not forget to check your internet connection as well. It should be stable. So the Facebook Video Download can bring the file offline easily.


Final words

Downloading Fb videos is no longer difficult. So, do not forget to save and bookmark the tool that will help you with that. It would be great to suggest Facebook Video Download for your friends too. We all know still Facebook is one of the top-rated social media platforms and it has so many songs, movies, trailers, TV series, TV shows, and so on. But, it was difficult downloading a single video because it does not have a specific option for that. That’s why you should not forget about Fdownloader.

It is a great and essential tool for Download Facebook Videos on our smartphones or PC. The tool is free and is capable to save thousands of clips without any further requirement. However, do not worry about downloading and upgrading this like many other applications. It can only reach when you search the web for its web page. No need to sign up and waste your precious time. Simply paste the video URL and download it. 

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