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Fashionable and Functional: The Perfect Pairings of Boys’ Shorts and T-shirts

A T-shirt and shorts are essential in any modern man’s great closet. If you look stylish outside while you navigate your fashion during these adolescent years, this pairing should answer the question. And when it’s summer season, it’s time to pull out the shorts!

If you might think this combo is an elementary fit, this is the sign you keep reading this blog. Today, we are going to take this basic combo and make you look effortlessly edgy. To do this, we will take clothing pieces from Teemtrums, the go-to online shop for teens.

So, without any delay, let’s jump into it!

5 Swag Outfit Ideas for Teen Boys

The Sporty Athleisure Look


Workout in Style! Even when we go to the gym, we want to turn heads. To sport this look, choose the Boys Cotton Shorts in Black and wear a white Graphic T-shirt with Alien Art. We recommend sizing up in a t-shirt for a baggy and comfy look. Pair them with sneakers or athletic shoes for added style and functionality.

A Smart Ensemble

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For that sharp yet laid-back look, go for Boys Knitted Shorts in Grey Melange with Boys Pigment Wash T-Shirt Steel Grey for a monochromatic look. Ramp up your whole outfit consider adding a lightweight blazer or a button-up shirt over the T-shirt with a pair of white athletic shoes for a more refined look.

Preppy and Polished

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For a fuss-free yet put-together ensemble, combine the Boys Fashion Polo T-shirt in Blue with Twill Shorts in Black for a preppy and polished look. The pastel colour for the polo shirt and olive for the shorts will give a summer vibe. Add a belt to elevate the outfit, and choose boat shoes or loafers for a more sophisticated touch. And when talking casual style for teens, this combo works for almost any guy.

Get Creative

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Teenage is when you can experiment and figure out your style. Test out with oversized or longline T-shirts in urban-inspired prints or bold logos like this cool Turquoise Graphic print t-shirt for boys or a Tie-Dye T-shirt. To bring together this look, pair them with boys’ summer shorts, like Cargo Shorts in Black, for a streetwear aesthetic. Incorporate trendy elements such as high-top sneakers, chunky sneakers, or slides for a modern streetwear vibe.

The Classic 

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Sometimes, sticking to the classics does the job. This pairing of a plain white tee and black cotton shorts for boys is a bulletproof outfit. Add a classiness to the equation, and pair it with grey athletic shoes. You can also consider pairing the tee with Boys Knit Camo Shorts for a trendy, off-duty vibe. By donning a pair of black rubber sandals, you can play down your appearance and use some creative shoe styling.


Well, well, well!

We hope you are in awe of how we turned this boring boys’ T-shirts and shorts combo into a tasteful fashion piece. With the Teentrums collection, you can too create such super cool looks.

For all the teens out there, if you too want to rock these ensembles, don’t wait up: visit Teentrums to shop for boys’ shorts online. And if you are also looking to upgrade your T-shirt collection, check out boys’ t-shirts online only on our website.

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