How Lizol in 5 Ltr Packs Can Save You Money in the Long Run

The importance of prioritizing cleaning and sanitation cannot be overstated. Whether it pertains to offices, schools, hospitals, hotels, or malls, individuals expect these spaces to be thoroughly cleaned and free of germs. As administrators of both homes and offices, we are aware of the financial constraints that this presents. While cleaning and mopping have always been routine activities, sanitization and disinfection can significantly increase the number of products we need to purchase, thereby driving up procurement costs. Thankfully, by opting for a reliable brand such as Lizol, we can effectively manage our cleaning activities while achieving long-term cost savings.

Complete cleaning with Lizol

Lizol is a highly effective floor and surface cleaner that is widely used in India. It is perfect for daily cleaning at home, in offices and commercial spaces. By using Lizol, you can eliminate the need for multiple cleaning and sanitizing products, making your cleaning routine more manageable and effortless.

To optimize your cleaning routine, it’s advisable to stock up on the Lizol 5-liter pack. This will help you plan your inventory, save storage space, and ensure you always have essential cleaning supplies at hand. By following these tips, you can save money in the long run and economize on your cleaning budget.

Big savings with Lizol 5 litre packs

  • Better cleaning – For a thorough and effective cleaning of floors, Lizol is the perfect solution. High foot traffic areas are prone to dirt, mud stains, footprints, and grease marks, which can be easily removed with Lizol added to the mop water. Stubborn grease stains and marks can be rinsed and cleaned with undiluted Lizol for shiny, immaculate floors in just a few minutes. It offers ten times better cleaning than other products like phenyls and detergents, and it is also non-abrasive, providing gentle yet powerful cleaning.
  • Triple action formula – It is essential to routinely sanitize and disinfect floors and commonly used surfaces like railings, bannisters, doorknobs, handles, countertops, sinks, etc. Lizol’s triple-action formula kills 99.99% of germs and disease-causing pathogens, including viruses, bacteria, and fungi. With Lizol 5-litre pack, you can save on extra expenses on cleaning and sanitization, resulting in large savings for offices, schools, warehouses, hotels, and hospitals.
  • Multipurpose product – Germs and disease-causing pathogens spread through touching infected surfaces. Therefore, cleaning and disinfect surfaces like tables and chairs, door handles, knobs, countertop surfaces, sinks, and tiles is just as important as mop floors regularly. Lizol is a multipurpose cleaner used on ceramic, stone, marble, stainless steel, and hard surfaces. Dilute Lizol solution is perfect for cleaning and disinfecting these surfaces, reducing the need for multiple home, office, school, or restaurant products. 
  • Fragrance to last –  With Lizol, there is no need to use harsh chemical cleaners that leave a lingering unpleasant odor. Lizol contains an active bloom formula that leaves the premises smelling fresh and fragrant all day. You can choose from various fragrances like Citrus, Pine, Floral, Lavender, Jasmine, Sandal, and Neem, and experience a wonderful home and work environment with a lasting fragrance.

Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility

Cleaning products play a significant role in our daily lives, but their impact on the environment is often overlooked. With the growing concern for sustainability, choosing cleaning solutions that align with eco-friendly principles is essential. Lizol, a brand recognized for its cleaning prowess, also takes strides in environmental responsibility.

Eco-Friendly Formulation: Lizol’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in its eco-friendly formulation. It uses less harmful ingredients to the environment, reducing the overall ecological footprint of your cleaning routine.

Reduced Plastic Waste: By opting for the larger Lizol 5-liter packs, you not only save money but also contribute to reducing plastic waste. Fewer smaller bottles mean less plastic consumption and a greener approach to cleaning.

Responsible Production: Lizol follows responsible manufacturing practices, including waste reduction and efficient resource utilization. By choosing Lizol, you indirectly support these environmentally conscious initiatives.

Tips for Optimizing Lizol 5 Ltr Packs Usage

To ensure you maximize the benefits of using Lizol 5 Ltr packs and save even more in the long run, consider implementing these practical tips:

  • Proper Dilution: Follow the recommended dilution ratios provided on the packaging. Using the right concentration ensures effective cleaning while making the product last longer.
  • Targeted Cleaning: Identify and prioritise areas or surfaces that require frequent cleaning. This strategic approach can help you manage the usage of Lizol more efficiently.
  • Scheduled Cleaning: Establish a regular cleaning schedule to prevent the buildup of dirt and grime. By addressing cleaning needs promptly, you can avoid excessive product usage.
  • Bulk Purchase: Consider collaborating with neighboring households or businesses to make bulk purchases together. This can lead to additional discounts and cost savings.
  • Proper Storage: Store your Lizol 5 Ltr packs in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Proper storage ensures the product remains effective for an extended period.
  • Education and Training: If you manage a facility or have a team of cleaners, train them on efficient product usage. This minimizes wastage and enhances the product’s longevity.

Saving on bulk orders

Ordering cleaning and disinfection supplies regularly can significantly strain the household or business budget. Bulk buying can help economise, particularly when the usage is high. The Dettol Pro Solutions website is designed to help office, school, hotel, and hospital managers plan their inventory and order in bulk with great savings. You can avail of up to 35% discount on the Lizol 5 litre price and other cleaning products from the Reckitt Benckiser portfolio. Planning ahead and ordering in bulk can help slash your housekeeping expenses and save a considerable amount in the long run.


Opting for Lizol 5 Ltr price packs is a smart move for your cleaning needs and finances. By choosing larger containers, you’ll enjoy cost-efficiency, fewer purchases, and a cleaner, healthier environment. Lizol’s proven effectiveness in maintaining hygiene and cleanliness guarantees a valuable return on your investment. So, make the smart choice for your budget and home, and choose Lizol 5 Ltr packs for a cleaner space and a healthier wallet.

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