How to Create Cross-Functional SEO and PR Teams for Enterprises

During an algorithm-driven age, the meeting of the SEO and PR crossroads matters a lot yet not many corporate heads appreciate it.

This partnership has its challenges. However, sometimes PR does not see this complexity in SEO. On the other hand, SEO which is designed to shape the customer experience might ignore the human stories being told through PR.

An enterprise can synchronize these two effective strategies by using SEO as a means of methodical prowess while using PR as a tool for storytelling in such a way that it influences behavior. Here’s how:

Why Integrate SEO and PR?

An appropriate blend of SEO and PR is grossly under-utilized in the business environment. According to Jesse McDonald, a global SEO strategist for IBM, “In-house enterprise SEO structure, the more the PR and SEO teams are in contact with each other on best practices and strategy, the more effective links to the site will be.”

McDonald is a well-known presenter within the search engine optimization (SEO) community and acts as an author, judge of awards, and podcast participant. Due to that fact, he well understands present-day SEO techniques while managing large companies.

News, search engines (like Google, YouTube, etc.), blogs, podcasts, webinars, and social media are also affected by it.

Integrating SEO and PR can Amplify the Results of Both

Here’s why:

  • Using some PR strategies will bring in good off-page UX which controls organic presence.
  • The buying or content consumption behavior is highly influenced by search engines, media, and blogs which are the main touch points during an online consumer journey.
  • PR and SEO techniques can be used to develop funnels that will lead to making sales or generating leads toward an eCommerce venture.

For example, at each step in the buyers’ journey – from learning that they have a problem through to purchase, the audience can use search engines to answer their questions.

The Hubspot Consumer Trends Report says that search engines are 86% effective in finding answers online.

But a corporate PR team has its purposes; therefore ranking’s upgrading is at not the top of the priorities list. In that case, our best SEO Company in India recommends creating CFSEO teams.

What is a Cross-functional Search Engine Optimization Team?

CFSEO refers to permanent or ad hoc short-term cross-functional teams whose aim is to achieve company or advertising department targets through search engines and other media. For instance, a CFSEO team’s performance can be measured based on how it impacts a business rather than on metrics such as rankings.

The CFSEO team can be a collaboration between any internal team: digital marketing, Search Engine Optimization, public relations, content creators, developers/engineers, and leadership. It is cross-functional when digital marketing managers seek content to be created about a topic from content marketing and then optimize it for the search engine; this optimization ensures that it ranks at the top of the list. 

This is also called cross-functional where an SEO professional will go ahead and optimize the content with the use of some keywords. Such teams can be strategic and powerful for attaining the goals of businesses, departments, or teams.

Aligning the CFSEO Team for PR

CFSEO framework brings together public relations and SEO operations toward achieving significant business results. It denotes a procedure of mapping several tools or strategies towards collective OKRs. Here it is:

Intent Setting

At this stage, the need for SEO and public relations collaboration is determined. By doing so, it defines common targets and related indicators that both team members have to fulfill.

Strategy Building

Regarding the positioning of content messages in the minds of the idealist, find out how someone has prepared their mind about your content or company via this type of medium and channel.

Launch Hypothesis Test

Identify the asset and, thereafter, test through different media and message that appeals to the audience. This method must involve page optimization, as well as search engine placements, e.g., news, podcasts, blogs, amongst others.

Scale with ERMS Planning

Specify the action regarding individual techniques depending on the performance.

Using the CFSEO Alignment Map

A mechanism known as the CFSEO alignment map helps simplify the link between these four phases. This map will help any SEO in case of a strategic alliance; however, it requires more sub-items when working with a PR specialist.

Get Started

Identifying reasons for this alliance, synthesizing an overall strategy, designing assessments, and constructing unified actions pose various problems.

Use an effective IAM performance management tool that links with the CFSEO alignment map in crafting an excellent business outcome. You can also get assistance from experts at our top IT Company in India for guidance regarding CFSEO.

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