How to Draw A Stocking Easily

How to Draw A Stocking. Giving and receiving gifts has been part of Christmas for many years. Every year, children worldwide hang up Christmas stockings filled with small gifts and opened on Christmas morning.

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These stockings tend to have a festive and whimsical design that will add some holiday spirit to the room.

Learning to draw a stocking is a great way to get in the holiday spirit. This can sometimes be more complicated than expected, but for that, this tutorial is in front of you!

Our step-by-step guide to drawing a stocking in just 6 easy steps will show you how to recreate this classic festive garment.

How to Draw A Stocking

Step 1

In this first step of this guide to drawing a sock, you’ll start with the top of the sock. For this design, we used curved lines for the top and sides of the stocking hem.

So for the base of this section, we used some straight, jagged lines to create a pointed pattern for the base.

Christmas stockings are usually hung on a wall or mantel, so they generally have a small fabric loop to hang them from.

We will also add it in this step, and you can draw it over the sock with some simple curved lines.

Finish this step by drawing a thin shape for the sock opening so we can move on to step 2.

Step 2

Now that you have created the top part of this sock design, we can start drawing the main part of the garment.

This should be pretty easy in this step! All you have to do is draw a line down the front of the sock. This line will curve outward quite sharply, as shown in our reference image.

Next, we draw another line along the back of the sock. This one goes straight down and doesn’t have a curve like the first one. Then you can continue with part 3!

Step 3

Continuing this guide on how to draw a sock, we now add another section. First, draw a curved line starting from the back line of the sock for the ankle area.

This creates a flatter, slightly wavy line for the top of the sock.

Next, draw a sharp, rounded line starting from the front of the sock. This gets curled as there is a scalloped segment at the front of the sock.

We’ll finish this corner in the next step of the guide so we can move on when you’re ready!

Step 4

In this fourth step of your sock design, you will finalize the design and prepare for some details in the next part.

As mentioned in the instructions, there is a gathered section at the front of the sock.

This is a common Christmas stocking design, so we chose it for this design!

You can draw it with some smooth lines, referring to the reference image so it looks right.

Once this front of the sock is complete, we can move on to the final details in the next part.

Step 5

Before we add some color to your artwork, we need to add a few final details in this step of our how-to draw a stocking guide.

The focus is mainly on a few decorative elements. In our design, we drew stripes in the outline of the sock.

You can add other patterns, designs, or elements like bells to your design!

For even more Christmas fun, you could even draw a background that might show the room this stocking is hanging in.

Step 6

You’ve reached the final step of this sock design, and are ready to start coloring your creation!

You have many different options for colors and artistic mediums in this design, so you enjoy letting your creativity flow.

In our reference image, we chose a classic Christmas color scheme for the stocking stripes, alternating between red and green.

These are just some of the colors you could use. Now is your chance to show what colors you think would be perfect for this stocking!

You can also use creative art mediums like acrylic paints or colored markers for extra color vibrancy. You can also incorporate some craft items like beads and sequins.

Your Stocking Drawing is Finished!

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