How to Fit the Whole Picture on Instagram Without Cropping?

Fit the Whole Picture on Instagram

Instagram is an excellent app for sharing the highlights of your daily life and activities, and the platform’s focus on visual content only serves to increase its popularity. Everyone wants their Instagram photos to appear amazing, so when you finally take the ideal shot, it might be upsetting to see Instagram crop it.

However, there are a number of methods you can use to upload your photos to Instagram without having them cut down including resizing, adding borders, and using other programs. In this article we have some easy methods to learn how to make picture fit on Instagram.So let’s dive in.

Methods to Fit the Whole Picture on Instagram Without Cropping

Multiple ways can be used to resize the image while uploading on Instagram. Let’s know about each of them:

1. Inbuilt Instagram Crop Feature

When Instagram was first introduced, you were only allowed to upload images with a size of 1:1. But with the upgrades, from 2015 it was allowed to upload landscape and portrait images as well.

While uploading you may see you are unable to post the full picture and seeking help for how to post full pictures on Instagram. The good part is Instagram has an inbuilt option to crop or resize your picture. When uploading, you will find a light grey icon with a white frame inside at the bottom left that will fit the image automatically. Or you can resize it by pinching the image and zooming in or zooming out according to your requirement. 

But it doesn’t work well with all kinds of images or doesn’t give you the required results.

2. Resize the image manually

Manually resizing the image gives you full control over how to make a picture fit on Instagram. Just make sure to leave some extra space on the four sides of the image or add some cool background. There is a tool which is free and gives you a good option to edit your picture- BunnyPic. Let’s see how to edit your image in BunnyPic:

  • Open the BunnyPic editor:
  • Go to “Open My Computer” and choose your image from there.
  • Click on Image, then Image Size. Set the canvas to 1080×1080 or 1:1 aspect ratio.
  • Place a new layer below your picture.
  • Either give a bold colour or add an image to the background.
  • When you are done, export your work: File> Export As (PNG or JPG).

Now upload your image on Instagram without losing the value of your picture.

3. With third-party tools

There are various third-party tools available to resize the image in any size. Some of them have the option to just click on the Instagram post-size images. If you are an Android user, you can find such tools on the Google play store or an Ios user, use Apple Store.

One of the most used apps is Picsart. Other free image editing apps are Picasa, WhitaGram, No Crop & Square, etc. All such apps are free to use and give you plenty of options to edit your image or to resize the image into Instagram Canvas. These apps are easy to use that will create a cool image in minutes.


Resizing an image for your Instagram post is not a difficult task. Use any of the above options and set your picture like a pro. For any other help regarding social media – Snapchat, Facebook or Instagram – please visit our official website The blogs on this site are always so informative and demanding. You can find out about the latest apps by visiting our website regularly.

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