Indulge in Continental Cuisine on Your Summer Train Journey

It is imperative that you take in the scenery while dining on our wide selection of continental fare while traveling through some breathtaking and picturesque locations. You can also close your eyes and transport yourself to any peaceful, beautiful place. The best feeling ever is to picture yourself among the mountains, surrounded by the purity of nature. I’m sure you get the point by now. It is possible to have a memorable and beautiful train ride. You can do it with Food Delivery At Railway Station service.

In India, the train system is quite fascinating in and of itself, aside from the actual travel. Train travel is preferred by the majority of lower, middle, and some upper class families because it is more affordable for them.

Get continental food on the train at a 15% discount when you order pizza.

It is important to note that passengers have a wide variety of food choices through Zoop, the official IRCTC e-catering partner. IRCTC is a division of Indian Railways. On Indian railways, it offers ticketing, catering, and tourism services.

A number of FSSAI approval restaurant partners tie up with Zoop. They will offer contactless delivery with simple and comfortable payment options in addition to providing wholesome, hygienic, and fresh foods. Zoop offers all customers options for continental food in addition to Chinese, Mughlai, Indian, Hyderabadi, and pure Jain cuisine.

In essence, continental cuisine is that which has its origins and is consume in European nations like Italy, France, and Spain. They focus more on ingredients like olive oil, wine, herbs, and minimal spices in this food, which is its main specialty.

In general, frying, roasting, and baking are the methods to prepare continental foods.

Many Indians enjoy tasty indian foods because of their rich flavors.

The Most Popular Continental Foods Available for Train Travel.

Pizza with cheese

Although pizza is primarily an Italian dish, it is now famous worldwide. Nothing else compares to Indians’ love of pizza, especially when compared to other cuisines. Consider hosting a pizza party on the train with your loved ones.

Only Zoop is capable of accomplishing Food Delivery At Railway Station for this.

On the train ride, we serve our customers the best continental cuisine.

You simply need to place your order and unwind; the rest is up to us to satisfy your needs. Pizzas of all sizes and varieties, as well as margaritas and a variety of toppings like corn, tomatoes, onions, capsicum, paneer, mushrooms, and olives, are readily available. With the most well-known pizza joints, we tie up.

Pasta in a white sauce

Nothing needs to be said about pasta. It is a type of food that is typically made by combining water and wheat flour to make a dough that is then shaped into sheets or other shapes. Afterwards, it was baked or boiled.

There are only 3 ingredients total in a recipe for white sauce pasta: flour, milk, and butter. It is also known as white sauce or mother sauce. Loaded with butter and cheese that tastes like heaven, this pasta dish is incredibly delicious. You only need to order with Food Delivery At Railway Station through Zoop in order to enjoy it on your upcoming train trip. Additionally, it is our duty to give you the best service possible.


Burgers appear to be a universal favorite among young people and children alike. It has ingredients like cheese, paneer, mayonnaise, and various sauces, as well as fillings like potato patties, onion and tomato slices, and potato slices. All of these items are sandwiched between the bread roll’s two halves. There are many different varieties of burgers, including cheeseburgers, vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, and paneer burgers. With the aid of IRCTC e-Catering partner Zoop, obtaining your preferred burger on your upcoming train trip is now a cinch. We tie up with a number of food establishments and can deliver your order in a matter of minutes.

Pastries and cakes

Consider a birthday celebration on a train. Yes, using Zoop, you can now order a cake on your special day while riding the train. We all have a craving for sweet foods like cakes and pastries that are spongy, creamy, and flavorful to the core. Each of these sweet treats can satisfy a sweet tooth.

They are  available in a variety of flavors, including butterscotch, vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, mango, and blueberry. 

How to Order Continental Foods While Traveling By Train

With the help of the Zoop app or website, getting continental food on a train is simple. Our company, Zoop, is a well-known train food service provider with connections to numerous eateries and food chains throughout India. You can visit our website or download our app to place an order for food you want  during your train ride. Once you’ve entered your PNR number or train number, you can look through the menus at the appropriate restaurants and add your favorite continental dishes to your shopping cart.

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