Learn Interesting Facts About Condoms and Custom Condom Boxes

Manufacturing Eco-Friendly Condom Packaging Boxes 

Condoms are a birth control barrier to prevent pregnancy. They stop semen from reaching fertilizing eggs. Condoms are made with a thin, and loose latex rubber. They provide shielding against HIV, STDs, and HSV. Condoms are worthwhile in reducing the risk of sexually transmitted diseases and human immunodeficiency virus. Many brands are producing condoms. They make condoms according to the guidelines of WHO. After producing condoms, they pack them nicely in Custom Condom Boxes. Their protection is essential. So, it is important to provide safety to condoms in decent condom packaging.

Custom Printed Condom  Boxes
Custom Printed Condom Boxes

The Story and Insights Of Condoms

The idea of condoms for safer sex came in ancient and modern history to prevent venereal diseases. The use of condoms expanded the world later on. Condoms gained more awareness in the 20th and 21st centuries. According to research, the condom market value reached around $v8.38 billion in 2022. It is rapidly increasing. Furthermore, it is expected to reach $13.6 billion by 2030. Many condom brands have been introduced now. They produce condoms in small, medium, and extra-large sizes. But an important thing is a condom that fits properly is great. If a condom is not comfortable, it would not be helpful. In fact, there is a risk of pregnancy if a condom is less effective. It is essential to place condoms in a sturdy, clean, and safe condom box packaging.

Sizing and Printing of Custom Condom Boxes For Condoms

Condom boxes are made according to the size, shape, and quantity of the condoms. The important thing is the durable paper material that helps to manufacture condom boxes accordingly. Design and printing come after sizing condom boxes. The most common printing options for condom boxes are CMYK, PMS, and No Printing. Furthermore, gloss, matte, and spot UV are great choices for coating. Besides this, die cutting, gluing, scoring, and perforation are also helpful. Apart from this, custom window cut out, gold/silver foiling, embossing, raised ink, and PVC sheets are good for finishing. Apply an enticing and appealing look to your condom boxes with condom packaging boxes. Adding a label of banana, strawberry, or any other exciting label can attract Customers.

Manufacturing Eco-Friendly Condom Packaging Boxes 

Every condom brand wants to ensure the safety of condoms. As awareness of environmentally sound increased. Many condom brands worked on green packaging for their condoms. Manufacturing custom condom boxes with recyclable and biodegradable paper is essential now. They use environmentally friendly paper material to print condom boxes. They want their condom boxes noticeable and don’t want anybody to ignore their condoms inside the box. And ecologically clean packaging for condoms is helping them in their brand promotion.

How Custom Condom Boxes Provide Protection To Condoms

Condom boxes are made with different flavors. Each condom box is different in its dimensions and colors. But their safety is a top priority for a brand. Therefore, a condom brand ensures the condoms are fully secure in the box. They choose a durable, strong, and resilient paper material that provides complete protection to condoms. It is condom box packaging that does not allow condoms to get damaged. It keeps condoms safe, clean, and protected. Provide shielding to your condoms with printed condom boxes. 

Brand Advertising With Custom Printed Condom Boxes

Every condom brand wants to grasp the attention of its customers. They make different types of condoms. They choose printed condom boxes to place condoms in the box with care. A logo printed on the box differentiates their brand. Make your brand stand out in the market with an alluring condom box design and safe condom packaging. Capture the eyes of customers to your condom boxes with fascinating and distinctive condom packaging.

To Sum Up

Finally, condoms are made in different styles, colors, and textures. And they provide protection against sexually transmitted diseases. It is important to manufacture condom boxes for their protection. Custom Designs Boxes, a leading custom packaging company keeps in mind all the aspects of a condom box including designing an eye-catching layout. Augment the appearance of condom boxes with appealing packaging design.

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