Navigating the EdTech Landscape: Choosing the Right Platform for Skill Development

The education technology, i.e. edtech landscape has been evolving for many years. The need for upskilling has made edtech more prominent in today’s times. As we all know that COVID-19 has given this edtech trend a kickstart, and now this trend knows no limits. Edtech culture has totally changed the way of learning, a student is no longer limited to a physical classroom only. Virtual learning and online learning are becoming more normal today. The Edtech landscape is establishing an interactive and dynamic learning culture for all the learners, be it students, working professionals, or anyone who wants to upscale their skills.

We cannot deny the fact that edtech has flourished all over the world and it certainly comes with a lot of advantages. Edtech tools such as virtual classes, online assessments, dynamic and collaborative platforms are making our life more easy. The edtech trend has been revolutionizing the student experience regardless of any geographical limitations. These days many e-learning platforms or we can say edtech firms are establishing and making their place in the industry. Many entrepreneurs and business people are seeing potential in the industry and investing in it. So, what we can conclude is that a learner has various choices for skills development. They can choose any online platform that they find the most suitable and helpful for them.

If you are a working professional who does not have much time to invest or if you are someone who wants to maintain learning or starting your career, let us make this easy for you. Let us provide you a list of the factors that you should consider while choosing online platforms for skill development.

Choosing the Right Platform for Skill Development

Here are some influential factors that you should keep a check of while choosing the right platform for skill development.

Registered and accredited– Make sure that the online platform you are choosing is registered with the authorized body. This factor makes sure that the quality of education they are providing will meet the standards. This is one of the important steps to consider. Also, it shows that the particular platform has a positive rating and that its courses will benefit you.  You’ll get an assurance that you are on the right track.

Reputation of the platform– It is quite important to choose a platform that has already established its reputation in the market. While choosing the particular learning platform, you can check out its reviews on various websites, and it will give you a heads up about that. Try to read testimonials from the past and even present. Make sure that you choose a platform that has a solid positive record and is known for its quality education.

Range of courses- There is no point of going for a platform that does not offer the course that you want. Do thorough research of all the courses that you want to take from a particular platform. Make sure that the platform offers a vast range of courses in regard to various fields and disciples. Further, this will help you to explore different areas and broaden your knowledge.

It must offer Flexibility– One of the major advantages of an edtech firm or online platform is their flexibility. It allows you to enroll, learn and study from wherever you want. This majorly indicates that you can fit your studies into your busy schedule revolving around family, work, and more.

So, whenever you want to find an ideal platform for yourself and work on your skill development, make sure that you find an e-learning platform that must offer flexibility in terms of schedules and classrooms. There are various platforms like Jaro Education, Coursera, Skillsoft that offer self-paced learning, so make sure to choose one of them. One thing that you can also consider is their availability on mobile applications and offline accessibility. Be wise in your decision.

Experienced Instructors– Make sure that the faculties or instructors are experienced and comprehensively qualified. There is a rising need for faculty who are making learning seamless for the learners. You should check that the faculty must have a great expertise in the particular area and also they show a positive attitude. Reputed, knowledgeable and professional faculty member will effectively contribute to your learning and you’ll remember them for the rest of your life.

Engaging tools– You must choose an e-learning platform that offers various interactive learning tools. There should be features such as multimedia sources, interactive sessions, virtual classrooms, recorded lessons, discussions, and many more. It will improve the learning of a person and give them a new perspective towards education.

Cost– Make sure that you consider the cost and value of the institution. There is a dire need to make education available at a reasonable price. Check out the prices of the course you want to take and also compare it with other learning platforms. Evaluate the value you are going to get in terms of learning, skills development, and key resources.

Support and Community– There should be a learning support and consolidation provided by the platform. You should find the platforms where you can engage with others fellows, students, projects or collaborations. Choose a platform where you can share and partake knowledge.

Remember to do a comprehensive research according to these key pointers, as it will be beneficial for your skill development journey.

Consider Jaro Education!

As a learner in the modern workplace, you have various e-learning platforms to choose from. However, one of the most influential online higher education platforms is Jaro Education. It is an Edtech firm started with a vision to provide holistic and affordable education to everyone. Jaro has refined their platform for every individual, be it a student or a working professional, nevertheless we can say that this edtech firm is making strong efforts in providing the essential learning tools accessible to all the working people, so that they can utilize their time in an effective way. You can check out their courses which range from Management, Finance, Data Analytics, Digital Marketing,  curriculums and many more.

There are few platforms that provide a great environment for learning as well as all the necessary tools for skill development, Jaro education, no doubt, comes top of that list.

Moreover, a major aspect of online learning is that you should make yourself acquainted with all the technological necessities. Whichever platform you choose, it’s important to be fluent in technology, always remember that! We hope that our article has cleared your doubts, have a happy learning!

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