Best NEET Preparation Tips By Toppers

The NEET exam is very near, so the best strategy is to start preparing for it now. It is very difficult to qualify NEET exam, so you should always follow NEET preparation tips by toppers. Through which you can easily crack the NEET exam, in this guide I will share with you some tips given by toppers.

I am writing this article only to fulfill your query about NEET preparation, so read it with a focus till the end. After reading this you will know how you should prepare for NEET. So let’s start and know which approach should be adopted to complete the preparation.

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Understand the End Goal

With NEET exam you should know everything about it like syllabus, format, duration, marking scheme, subject-wise weightage and such metrics. Apart from this, students should be aware of their weak and strong areas, knowing which you should make your target and try to achieve it. This will help you make a strategy on how to crack NEET 2024 exam.

Toppers Stratgies and Follow a Disciplined Plan

Remember that these are the tips which are followed by the toppers and to do this you need a very disciplined plan and to make it you can see below.

  • Manage time balance between board exam and NEET exam and allocate time separately for your studies.
  • Also divide it equally for 4 subjects – Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology. If you are weak in any subject then you should pay more attention to it first.
  • Be sure to include breaks in your time table.
  • Make realistic daily, weekly, monthly targets and try to achieve them. Set your time table based on the topics you want to cover first.
  • Keep following the strategy you have made and keep track of your progress.

Master the curriculum

Often children keep thinking about which books they should use for their preparation, along with this many children are not able to start their preparation properly.

If you are still confused about which books you should follow to start your preparation, then NEET Preparation Tips by Toppers are “NCERT” books which are proven to be the best to crack NEET.

Importance of smart work more than hard work

Toppers know how much time they have to spend with books, so you have to follow these tips to give first priority to those books which prove to be most important for NEET. You should not burden your mind with subjects without any strategy, so give more emphasis on those books which are important.

However, after much research it has been found that toppers try to apply what they have learned for the NEET exam. NEET preparation tips by Toppers also tells you that you should try to apply what you have learned.

Practice and Revise Thoroughly

To study smartly, students should try to solve all the questions of the studied subjects because it is very important for students to practice and toppers themselves adopt this strategy and tell other students about it to crack NEET. Let me tell you. Let me tell you.

As practice, one should try to solve 150 questions daily. Take your different subject and study it properly and try to solve all its questions. Toppers must follow strategy for NEET. 

Pick the Best Books

To prepare for NEET effectively, you always need quality resources and for this you must have NCERT books and do not read other books or give these books to others. The study strategy of NEET toppers is also that they do not bother themselves to read other books and only follow NCERT books and quality resources. Many students have experienced that they have enlightened themselves only by reading other books.


In conclusion, To crack NEET exam, you always need a mentor to guide you to succeed in the exam. You should always follow the NEET preparation tips by Toppers which will help you succeed in the exam.

To crack the exam like toppers you need a coaching institute. Coaching Center in Loni enables NEET students to succeed in the exam and perfect their preparation under the eye of expert teachers. If you are looking for an institute then the Best institute in Loni has emerged as the most successful institute for NEET students.

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