Sending Birthday Greetings with Online Flower Delivery

Flowers are one of the most beautiful creations of our nature. Just by seeing the flowers, YuvaFlowers feel pure and happy in our souls. Flowers have the power to grab the negativity and push the positivity into our lives. Hence, flowers can be the best option for a person whose birthday is to be celebrated with peace and joy. The following article suggests ways of presenting flowers on someone’s birthday.

  1. WHITE ROSES AND CELEBRATIONS:   This is the most special gift hamper set created for your loved ones. This bouquet is arranged with fresh white roses, that symbolize peace in one’s life and to celebrate the joyous moment, a box of Cadbury celebrations is also paired with this gift hamper. This bouquet and the chocolate set would cost you Rs. 1200.

  2. RED ROSES AND TEDDY BEAR:  Everyone loves teddy bears. YuvaFlowers has got you a special combo of red roses and a teddy bear that would help your loved one remember you. These flowers are garden fresh and are arranged in a beautiful wrap, which is tied with a knot of red ribbons. You can select between the sizes of the teddy bear as well. This gift set costs Rs. 1500.

  3. PINK CARNATIONS BOUQUET:  A bouquet of pink-colored carnations that smells good and is enough to soothe the soul of a person. These flowers are freshly picked from the garden and will be delivered to your loved ones in no time. You can also pair up a sweet, heart-touching greeting card with this surprise packed in a wrap and a bow. These flowers and greeting cards would cost you around Rs. 1500.

  4. MIXED GERBERA:  Gerberas are one of the newly launched flowers that are available for delivery. These are some of the elite flowers to be gifted to your classy friend. This bouquet is filled with a variety of colored gerberas. You may pair up two types of gerberas for example, you can go with white and pink gerberas are soothing for a birthday person. These gerberas would cost you Rs. 1459 only

  5. ORCHIDS AND CARNATIONS:  No one can deny the fact that orchids are one group of flowers that everyone loves. What if YuvaFlowers say that you can pair these orchids with the exciting carnations, sounds good right? Well, this can be the idea of your next surprise gift for friend. This bouquet combination of orchids and carnations is not more than Rs. 1700.

  6. MIXED ROSES AND LILIES BOUQUET:  Just like the above-mentioned idea of the combination bouquet of orchids and carnations, this is similar but, with a twist. If your friend doesn’t like either of the orchids or carnations, you have the option to replace them with roses and lilies. You are also provided with the option to mix a variety of roses of your choice. This combination would not cost you more than Rs. 2000.

  7. WHITE ANTHURIUMS AND GERBERAS AND WHITE ROSES WRAPPED IN WHITE PAPER:  Do you think, roses, lilies, gerberas, orchids, or tulips are running out of trend? Do you want to gift something exotic to your friend on their special day? Then here is the best solution for your search! YuvaFlowers has already kept white anthuriums with the classic combination of gerberas and mind-soothing white roses. This bouquet set will cost you around Rs. 3000 only.

  8. CARNATIONS ROSES ORCHIDS AND GERBERAS:  It is time for the bestseller idea for the birthday present. Here, YuvaFlowers presents you with the evergreen combination of carnations, roses, orchids, and gerberas to fill happiness in your friend’s life on their birthday. This set would cost you around Rs. 1700 only.

As YuvaFlowers conclude this blog, YuvaFlowers would suggest you not only try some flowers for your loved ones on their birthday but express your love feeling, and affection for them in your heart with a heartfelt note combined with these gifts.

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