The Importance of Fall Prevention Programs: Safeguarding

Independence and Well-being

With ageing, the chances of falling and getting hurt are very common. During this time, people must stay under proper surveillance to avoid falling and practice safe walking. Along with that, training from professional fall prevention programs is also necessary to safeguard independence and well-being. This article provides some important information about the importance of these programs and related facts.

What are Fall Prevention Programs?

Research says every year, 1 out of 4 older adults fall, which causes emergency admission. The caregivers can enrol them in a fall prevention program to save them from such mishaps. This program is a collection of training sessions on safely walking and avoiding falls. Mainly these sessions are for older adults, people who are above 65.

What Is The Importance of a Fall Prevention Program?

These programs are necessary for the following aspects:

  1.  All-Inclusive Programs 

Generally, a fall prevention program enhances the body balance of older adults by teaching them safety precautions. Not only this but also this program also bring out the actual medical causes of frequent falling. 

Apart from these, fall prevention sessions also include:

  • Fitness enhancement
  • If necessary, complete assessment of medical history and treatment to prevent falls
  • Education on minimising risk factors
  • Special exercises training

Helpful in Managing Accidents

Fall prevention programs are also important for reducing accident rates due to falling. Stroke survivors have a 14% risk of falling during the first month. Oxford University Press says 50% of people with a history of stroke have a high tendency to fall. Older adults should know better about saving themselves and living a healthy life. Also, these programs can share important knowledge of medications and treatments to manage the effect of falling.

What are Some General Tips from a Fall Prevention Program?

People can get effective tips to prevent falls from these programs that will help them in the long run. These are:

  •     Regular Exercise

Exercising can help improve body balance. Sometimes, older adults can fall due to brain dysfunction as well. Regular exercising will enhance blood flow to every body part, including the brain. It improves overall body function and decreases falling chances.

  •     A Safe Indoor

Safely arranging indoors is another great tip to prevent accidents, including proper lighting installations in staircases, bathrooms and hallways. Remove the floor matting that may cause tripping. Put slip-preventing mats inside the bathroom. Reputed fall prevention centres such as North Adelaide physio services will guide you more on such tips.

Apart from these, some other tips can be:

  • For stability and support, buy the right footwear, such as non-slip sole shoes. 
  • Stocking necessary medicines for emergencies
  • Using assistive equipment
  • Keeping regularly used things at a low height.

Services like North Adelaide Physio can be really helpful for raising fall prevention awareness. Older adults accompanied by their caregivers must visit these programs and get a comprehensive understanding of a safe, regular life.

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