Top 10 CRM for Startup Fundraising (Data-Backed

CRM for Startup: Getting early-stage investors who will commit to your startup business takes a lot of work.

Investors have different preferences and may see things differently than you do. They have a certain level of risk tolerance, investment timelines that they have to adhere to and other restrictions.

First, as a startup founder, you need a CRM that will let investors know you exist and push them to believe in you.

Digest this article to get the best CRMs for startup fundraising so you can pick the one that fits your needs.

Pipedrive CRM is a cloud-based customer relationship management solution to simplify and streamline the sales process. As fundraising is sales, startups have prospects; they send a pitch and negotiate with those investors who qualify. Statistics suggests that about 75% of startup fundraisers use Pipedrive to automate their fundraising process. For instance, PandaDoc used Pipedrive CRM to close a $5M Series A in 2015. And the best part is that, PandaDoc closed its investment deal within only three months.

Startup fundraisers that want to focus more on their business’s fundraising aspect and those with limited technical support staff should consider using Pipedrive.

NFX CRM is considered an excellent software solution by 95% of start-up founders. It provides powerful tools to help start-up founders streamline fundraising, communication, and investor relationship management.

NFX CRM, as an online all-in-one customer management software, uses its network to intelligently shorten your list of prospects and get the intros to the right people. It helps startup founders spend more time growing their business while executing successful fundraisers in a smart & disciplined manner.

Helping you to find the right introduction paths to the right investors, making your company look good to investors, getting helpful feedback, and getting more concrete answers from investors you meet are among the concrete qualities NFX CRM possesses.

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