Top 10 Reasons To Do Yoga Teacher Training In Bali

Bali is a beautiful place to be, and that is not hidden from the world any longer. From the last few years, it has gained a lot of popularity in the field of holistic education. More and more people who are interested in yogic studies are heading to Bali. It is not just a destination, where you can pursue yoga at the Yoga School in Bali, but a lot more. It is a tourist destination, frequented by people from all over the globe. 

So, let us find out why the place has assumed so much importance over the years, forging ahead of destinations like India. 

Reasons To Do Your YTTC In Bali

  • You will be enthralled by the natural shows like sunsets and sunrises. The experience is simply ethereal. The sun and sand are also your perfect company in Bali. You can simply spend hours and hours staring at the skyline. And the horizon, where the sky meets the sea, is also enchanting. So, these natural elements give you an impetus to delve deeper into the holistic realm. 
  • The accommodation at the Yoga School in Bali is another draw of the place. The place where you practice and stay, while delving into this holistic subject, needs to be as divine. The lavish villas with all amenities will make you stay put. And the school’s hospitality is known all over as well. While you rest and recuperate after your classes, the accommodation where you are staying plays a huge role in shaping your outlook. 
  • Religious and spiritual practices are deeply connected with yoga. Yes, that is completely true. And also one of the probable reasons, why people are heading to Bali for Yoga Teacher Training in Bali. Balinese culture and rituals are very similar to Hinduism. And proof of that lies in the numerous temples and monasteries that throng the area. You will find the scent of incense in every part of the island. And, it deeply resonates with yogic studies, by providing you with a relaxing ambience. 
  • Healthy food is also available in abundance, as the food lineage of Bali happens to be therapeutic. The food is mostly blanched and boiled, sometimes cooked lightly. And spices and sauces come as accompaniment, leaving you with two choices. You can either stick to the blanched food with a little helping of the spicy sauces, or just gorge on both. If you want to develop a Sattvic nature, according to yoga, then the former serves best. The chefs at the yoga school cook according to yogic norms. So, that is a huge advantage. 
  • Safety is another point, which we would like to mention here. With a few of the other places, although authenticity takes charge in holistic studies, people may not be so open. The difference between cultures often crops up. But, you can avoid that with Bali. Bali is very safe for women yogis. So, if you are a female reading this, then just pack your bags and head there now. 
  • You can travel to Bali from any corner of the globe. The airfares are cheaper than most other destinations, and available throughout the year. You can travel to Bali for your yogic studies whenever you want to. 
  • The Yoga Teacher Training in Bali at schools like Bali Yoga Retreats will offer you exposure to the realm. You can learn about authentic yoga practices under trained individuals. The syllabus is very comprehensive and often includes chapters that were not mentioned in the guide book initially. Once you do a course from this school, you do not need to look back. You will learn yoga asana, meditation, pranayama, bandha, mudra, kriya, and more. Additionally, the theory is also vast, so as to give you a complete grasp of the subject. 
  • Certification happens after you complete the yoga course. And it is not just a mundane affair. You must have completed all assignments and attended all the classes, to be eligible for the same. Additionally, you must pass the papers. After you complete the course, you have to apply to Yoga Alliance, for the RYT certification, whichever level it might be. 
  • The yoga teachers at Bali Yoga Retreats are the best ones you will encounter today. They have a RYT 500, and huge knowledge. You will find your benevolent guide and teacher in them. Moreover, you will be able to observe your teachers after the course is complete. The same will help you to learn the intricacies of the poses and other practices. So, when you leave, you are armed with both theoretical as well as practical knowledge. 
  • After you have completed your course, you can also travel to the hidden gems of the region. From caves to hills and mountains, with hidden waterfalls, there is no dearth of natural delights in Bali. So, explore and find a place where you can meditate just like sages of the past. Grow your spiritual knowledge and find peace


All in all, the Yoga Teacher Training in Bali promises to be a heavenly experience, one that will nurture you from within and outside. So, go for the course today amidst the valleys and plantations and find emancipation. 

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