Using short links on social networks: 3 advantages

Using short links on social networks

Building your web presence has never been more important than today. Things are accelerating even more with social networks like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok which are exploding exponentially, their presence in our lives is daily and no one can neglect them anymore.

In the balance of knowing how much you weigh on the internet, your number of followers determines your ability to influence and recommend. In short, the weight of your voice online. And it is not for nothing that today we see a large number of applications flourishing to increase subscribers or magical methods to gain followers.

Programs and workshops are multiplying to educate communicators on maximizing user engagement. But despite all these initiatives and these miracle methods, there is one point, a simple tip that the majority have neglected: the short link.

So here are some reasons why you should consider using short URLs to increase your audience and your ability to influence.

How Short Links Help You Gain Followers?

Short links have been part of the daily life of community managers and social media professionals for several years now. Whether you’re an influencer with millions of followers or a new social media account, short links can help you. Here are four ways to use links to grow your audience.

1. The short link not to forget in your bio

When we hear about methods for social media, we mainly see how to post better, the best times or even the topics that generate the most engagement, but there is one point that is too often neglected: the link in your bio.

Attracting people to your profile is good, transforming this interest is better! Your current or future subscribers need to know more about you, your content or your brand. For this, the social network cannot be enough and it is with the aim of taking your audience further than your account that the short link is your ally.

Working on the link in your bio is important on several levels, they allow you to give another dimension to your publications. For example, beauty influencers usually associate their favorite skincare line or makeup brand. Fitness influencers add links to their diet or workout programs.

The short links you add to your bio tell your potential subscribers what they can expect from you. Whether it’s health and bodybuilding, beauty and makeup or even automobiles, potential subscribers will immediately understand what you’re passionate about. If they share the same passion, they will be more likely to follow you and thus increase your audience.

The use of short links in your bio is done for several reasons. The first and most obvious is to save space (most bios are limited in the number of characters). However, it is also important not to place just any link. Long URLs full of random characters can dissuade your audience from clicking due to fear of spam or a fraudulent link. By shortening and renaming your links, you show your subscribers that it is really you or your brand who are communicating.

We can then wonder on which short link management platform to shorten URLs. The simplest thing is to trust the French leader, is a platform that has existed since 2009 and which supports big names. Secure and GDPR, we can trust them.

2. the short link, the perfect ally for your advertisements on social networks

Social networks are only evolving towards a very clear objective: increasing use, sharing and socialization. With rapid growth in user numbers, social media has now become a leading communications platform for advertising.

However, you should also be aware that the advertisements offered by these platforms are far from sufficient. With only a few seconds of display on the feed and minimal space, you or your brand may not get the exposure you are looking for, especially compared to the CPC or CPM price.

The short link is perfect for such dilemmas. It offers you a window into a new internet world by taking the user out of the social network. The short link is clickable and convenient when placed directly on the ad. Instead of moving on to the next message, followers can very well interact with your link and will do so even more if you have personalized it and arrive at much more information and a conversion funnel.

3. The ace up your sleeve.

Why stop at social media ads and profile bios? The entire web could be a great place to advertise you and your brand.

Capturing a visitor’s interest can sometimes seem difficult; A good marketing strategy involves following the trends and habits of your audience. From a tweet, a photo on Instagram, challenges on TikTok, you can take advantage of these publications to collect valuable information about your followers. Are you wondering how? The short links will explain it to you.

This is the strength of a short link (small but strong): it is versatile. Short URLs allow you to collect a large amount of information and in a fully GDPR manner, geolocation, the number of clicks depending on the time, but also the device, browser, etc. are just a click away and it would be a shame to deprive you.


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