Welcoming Little Ones: The Tradition and Modernity of Newborn Hampers

Newborn Hampers: The newborn birth is an event that should be celebrated. Everyone is excited about it at the same time as being anxious. Happy as a new member joined the family and confused about what would be the right present for a newborn? Gifting is not only a nice and unforgettable way to celebrate the newborns, but also to show your good wishes for the newborn and their family. The newborn hampers are a very useful gift for new parents and their newborns. They include household items that are very important in the first year. All the gifts meet the needs of the new fathers and the mothers, making them a good choice for any occasion. Newborn Hamper Singapore is the best choice to send to your loved ones as it has a lot of baby requirements. It has clothes, toys, bibs, blankets and so on. All these items are made with safe and premium materials. Hampers give so many conveniences to busy parents. Rather than spending several hours browsing the aisles of an infant store, trying to find the best gift for your little one, you can choose from the collections of carefully made baskets with just one click. This is great for people working all day and don’t have the energy to buy one item after another. Undoubtedly, most of the hampers come with premium brand products which the new parents will certainly relish. Nevertheless, this is particularly the case with hampers that contain baby clothes, because these items are usually made from soft delicate fabric that is kind to sensitive skin. A couple of baskets can be personalized with the baby’s name, and this is a finishing touch that gives a gift more exclusivity and individuality. Doing this will make your present one that is unforgettable and will help the new parents know that you thought about it a lot.

Lovingly Signed:

Lovingly Signed stamps itself into the Singaporean market. It is known and distinguished by its special baby products. Its specialists, mix a special touch of magic with every creation. Its newborn hamper in Singapore consists of all the basic requirements of a baby in the first year. Its items include baby clothing like shirts, pants, comforters, blankets, teddy table mats, muslin comforters, bibs, baby grows, baby toys, teethers, etc. All the items are made with 100% original organic cotton or bamboo fabric. These two fabrics are the best choice for your children’s soft skin. This is a shop that manufactures certain items according to the distinctive preferences of its clients and turns ordinary items into sacred ones. A customizable option gives another creative side to the giving with a user-friendly user experience.

The Tradition and Modernity of Newborn Hampers

  • From where does the word hamper derive?

The English word ‘hamper’ derives from the French ‘hanaper’ meaning case for chalices. Hamper gifting as a tradition came much later, during the Victorian Era. The rich families also gave Christmas baskets of food and drink to their servants. And later, when time marches on and the upgrading of the postal service, it is now possible to deliver presents over vast distances, which indeed furthers the popularity of Christmas gift hampers countrywide.

  • Where does this tradition come from?

Countries all over the world made it easier to import goods when it became a priority to improve and expand the contents of gift hampers. Christmas was the only occasion for which they used to be made but their popularity shifted them to be used for other events as well, including as presents for birthdays. In the First World War, the Red Cross received gift parcels that were sent to soldiers and prisoners of war overseas. Making them feel they are at home by welcoming them with a care package and a familiar taste of the battlefront. Such as a gift hamper in one country may be named a gift basket, not the hamper. In other words, its name can change following cultures or countries.

  • Variation:

Continuously changing by society’s needs, hampers have evolved over the years. From the period of two decades, the traditional baskets were usually filled with food and beverage items and carried along in a wickerwork basket to use on a day out to a show or on a warm summer day towards that of a plunge into a picnic.

  • Why it is tradition to give baby hamper in Singapore?

In Singaporean culture, the tradition of giving a baby hamper is deeply rooted in the values of community, celebration, and practicality. Welcoming a new member into the family is a joyous occasion, and the act of presenting a baby hamper symbolizes well wishes, support, and blessings for the newborn and their parents. Over time, the practice of giving baby hampers has become ingrained in Singaporean culture, serving as a heartwarming gesture of care and solidarity that celebrates the beginning of a precious journey into parenthood.

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Newborn Hamper Singapore supplies top-quality hamper boxes and packaging at economical and cheap rates. Its products are of good quality in different parts of the world including Europe where we have been exporting for decades now. Lovingly Signed is the top-notch store in this county. It has a huge variety of hamper boxes and packaging, you can choose your customized shape, style, and color. On the other hand, apart from folding the standard boxes, they also specialize in custom designing, tailored to the needs and preferences of our customers. The hampers of this store are made by the company and undergo some kind of quality testing with strength tests as mandatory ones and humidity tests and temperature tests as optional ones. It is their technically crafted way to guarantee the clients that they get the most excellent quality packaging at a very reasonable price. Aside from that, the company takes back the product in case a customer finds an issue in the delivered product and the company pays the customer back. Cheers to giving with Lovingly Signed!

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