Why Customized Backpacks Make Effective Promotional Items

In these recent times when there is a continuous race going on between brands and businesses. Everyone wants to overtake each other and wants their campaign to be effective and raise conversion rates. What can be a much better way to do that than using promotional items to attract the target market?

For your promotional products to work successfully, they need to be interactive and of use to the customers. Only then will the consumers be interested in your product.

One of the most in-demand and useful promotional items is the custom backpack. A study shows that 31% of consumers own at least one promotional bag while 83% like receiving promotional products like backpacks.

Reasons Promotional Backpacks Are Effective Promotional Items

Promotional backpacks have some very significant advantages advocating their popularity among all other promotional giveaways. We have made a list of some noteworthy points as to why customized backpacks will make the most effective promotional items and to make you include them in your next campaign.

1. Most-Used Functional Item

The first and foremost advantage of making a backpack your next promotional item is its functionality factor. It is a basic utility item and is in use by almost every person from every age group. Whether you are leaving the house to do a chore, traveling, or on the commute from work, a backpack always comes in handy and its uses never end.

If you offer your customers a backpack with your logo, they would happily accept it and include it in their daily life which will give your brand the chance to be in prospect and customer’s sight and increase its awareness.

2. Vast Visibility and Growing Brand Awareness

Anyone can hardly say they haven’t used a custom backpack at least once in their life. Regardless of what age you are; we have all used a backpack. When you are out and see around, almost every other person is carrying a backpack. Now imagine that bag with a promotional message and the extent of its visibility. A study reveals that having a personalized message or brand name on the backpack offers around 6,000 impressions every time it is used in public.

Besides this, backpacks provide a larger area for branding than other products that make the message all the more visible and your name easier to identify. This gives backpacks an edge over other promotional items.

3. Range of Uses

As we have now an established image that a backpack had been a necessity in everyone’s life at some point. Similarly, there is no one particular use for it. A backpack can have multiple purposes. It can be used to carry books to school, a laptop, and a folder to the workplace or on a hiking trip. There are countless ways a backpack can be utilized and the more it is used the better the chances of people seeing it and getting to know your brand’s existence.

According to a study, 77% of consumers keep a promotional product even if they are not interested in the brand because it is of some use to them.

4. Versatility as a Brand Representative

Backpacks are quite versatile products and can be used for promotions by several businesses with different agendas. Think of it as one product targeting different markets and delivering their respective messages.

For example, if you are a sports brand, you can brand them with your name and offer them to athletes. If you are a kid’s brand, you can target youngsters with school bags. Similarly, tourism companies can present their customers with backpacks as a souvenir customized with their brand name.

5. Useable for a Longer Time

One cannot emphasize enough the significance of backpacks in our lives. One more of its important traits is shelf life. If you present your potential customers with a backpack as a promotional item, be assured that it is going to stay with them for quite a while. A good quality bag can last up to a few decades, keeping it in plain sight and helping your brand awareness to grow.

Bottom Line

Though backpacks are a little more costly than traditional promotional products they do have more advantages as well. From giving higher chances of visibility to the brand name to making the customer feel valued by giving a thoughtful gift, it will also help build better customer relationships.

We hope the points mentioned above have convinced you to invest in backpacks as a promotional item for your brand. There are numerous options available on the internet to choose from. Pick the one that represents your brand the best and build an effective promotional campaign.

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